15 December 2011

All shapes and sizes...

While in NYC I’ve had the opportunity to try some pretty amazing and unusual teas and I thought I would feature a few of them here.

First off, is a personal favourite, In Pursuit of Tea’s Fragrant Leaf Green (raw) Pu’erh which is pictured above, literally wrapped inside a tan-coloured leaf! Inside are pu-erh leaves from China's Yiwu mountains which totally remind me of drinking mulled wine - with spice flavors such as nutmeg and cinnamon - when brewed. A great one for the holidays!

Sitting beside it, is Chicago Tea Garden’s Wild Orange Pu-erh. These pu-erh leaves have been aged inside hollowed-out clementine (a variety of mandarin) rinds at man-made caves in the US. The leaves are originally from China and after the aging process, you’ll taste some nice subtle citrus flavors after brewing.

The final uniquely-shaped tea to make my list is Butiki Tea’s Organic Blue Nettle green tea leaves. The leaves are from Sri Lanka and have been twisted together by hand. So easy to brew, you don’t even have to measure them out! Three of these at a time will brew up a refreshing cup of green, vegetal-tasting tea.

Thanks to all of the lovely tea retailers for taking the time to share some tea!

08 December 2011

Gaga's diamond teacup

What do you buy for the tea lover who has it all this holiday season? How about Lady Gaga's $695.00 Swarvoski crystal encrusted teacup, with a 'diamond' at the bottom! Available at Gaga's Workshop at Barneys New York. It's on my wish list!