23 January 2012

Travelling with tea...

...is alot easier than you might expect!

Now that I've built up my tea addiction, there really isn't anytime or anyplace that I'm not craving a cup! So I've started packing my own loose leaf tea to brew while travelling - yes, even on those 24-hour flights from New York to Sydney. I also started using Stash Tea's tea filter bags, which are so small and thin, they could fit inside your wallet. These super lightweight mesh bags are easy to fill, with a flap that folds over and closes off the top so your tea leaves don't escape. They are so durable I've used them for multiple infusions, so now all I need when travelling is hot water and a cup (which of course are provided just about everywhere). And since they are disposable when done, I don't have to worry about putting away a wet strainer when I'm on a long flight.

I've looked for them here in Oz but have yet to find any, which is a shame given how long the travel times are to most places! That said, a metal strainer is also an easy option, especially at hotels when drying them isn't as difficult.